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Proto-5GW Manipulation May Not Necessarily be Done in Secret

Originally published 4/21/08 at Dreaming 5GW.

It may, in fact, be quite visible.

 For example:

 “We were fourtunate that we were able to seed it. And a few places kept picking it up and wondering if it was real, was it fake? And then I think we had a little ‘Ah-Ha’ moment and said, could we keep this going. Could we extend the life of a viral video and make the McCain Girls a story rather than a one-hit-wonder.”

Sarah Bernard

President of 23/6

While a Fifth Generation Warfare campaign may itself be shrouded in misdirection and secrecy, the lessons, theories, practices and elements that inform its development may be completely transparent and available for study by an actor who grasps the implications.


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