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Recommended Reading: The Starfish and the Spider

Originally published on 12/26/06 at Dreaming 5GW.

The Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations

Spiders have:

Centralized organization.
A head, body, legs and eyes.
A leader and a hierarchy.
A central headquarters.

Starfish have:

Decentralized organization.
Interchangeable parts.
No leader or hierarchy.
No headquarters.

They may look much the same, but they are very, very different

The Starfish and the Spider is a wonderfully clearly written and fascinating plunge into the emergence of decentralized organizations and how they are coming to in many ways replace their centralized counterparts.

For consideration of 5GW theory the utility is obvious all throughout the text.

Pick it up at your local or online bookstore or at your community library. It’s a quick read but a rewarding one.

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