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Vino Veritas: Steele Writer’s Block Zinfandel 2005

Steele Vineyards Writer’s Block Zinfandel

2005 Lake County, California

Jed Steele is a heck of a winemaker (as well as being an all-around really nice guy according to friends of mine). The Zinfandel grape seems to be one of his very favorites and the Writer’s Block wines show his very considerable talents.

Tasting Notes:

Color: A nice brickish ruby.

Nose: Dark fruit with woody/spicy notes.

Taste: Plenty of jammy dark cherry and plum flavors with a nice herbal/clove/cedar spiciness.

If you have a couple of racks of ribs on the grill, or a nice roast in the oven (heck, a roast beef sandwich would work), I’d be thinking of opening up a bottle of this Zinfandel. However, it isn’t too tannic for a smoked, grilled and/or stuffed pork chop.


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