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Vino Veritas: Boxhead Shiraz 2008

Boxhead Shiraz 2008

Clos Otto Wines


 From the TGIC Importers Website:

“Boxhead winemakers is a collaboration between world renowned winery Hentley Farms and their American Importer Vine Street Imports. Their aim is to produce a range of wines from South Australia that display all of the flavors that South Australia can deliver at a price that won’t break the bank. These are hand crafted wines made at Hentley Farm from some of the best vineyard sites across South Australia.”


The 2008 Boxhead Shiraz is a whole lot of wine for around $10. It has a great balance of bright and dark fruit, tannin and acid, spice and pepper. Bluntly, it is one of the best wines I’ve had in a long time in that price range, and better than many I’ve had that cost a whole lot more. If you still have some barbeque plans to cap off the summer, or are planning to keep the grill fires burning until Old Man Winter makes you hang up your tongs, this is a great wine to pair with anything flame-kissed. Very impressive and easy on the bankroll.


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