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Vino Veritas: Fools Bay “Dusty’s Desire” Shiraz, 2008

Fools Bay “Dusty’s Desire” Shiraz, 2008

Barossa Valley, Australia

by Hently Farms

“You might be thinking Dusty’s Desire Shiraz is named after an Aussie bloke who desires a lifestyle of heavy drinking and promiscuity! Though we have a bloke working on the farm who fits this description, it’s not about him. Dusty is our loyal farm dog. Affectionate, mischievous but a damn hard worker to boot. All he desires is a good pat and a dip in the water trough at the end of a hot day.”

(From the label)

I was such a big fan of another Hently Farms offering, the 2008 Boxhead Shiraz, that I had to try out a couple of their other wines. Fools Bay “Dusty’s Desire” Shiraz is another wine produced in partnership with TGIC Importers. They haven’t updated their website as of this writing for the 2008 vintage of “Dusty’s Desire” but it gives a general overview.

The wine itself is very tasty and a very nice representative for Barossa Valley Shiraz.  It is, at the same time, bold and balanced. Strong dark fruit flavors; blackberry, raspberry and lots of  plums dominate, backed up by a solidly earthy foundation laden with vanilla and wood-spice notes. Soft-edged tannins ensure that the finish is long and silky smooth.

For a pairing suggestion I’m going meat and potatoes, literally. Specifically, prime rib and a loaded baked potato. Can’t go too far wrong there.


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