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Diversion and Distraction of the Diorama Kind: USA vs. China

In what might be a peek into the military mind of the Chinese, the 8th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai has an exhibit of the integrated battlefield presented as an impressively detailed diorama that reveals Chinese knowledge of secret American capabilities and may tip China’s hand about their own super-secret military projects.

US vs. China Diorama (click to enlarge)

The Chinese have obviously been paying attention to the U.S. interest in improving our littoral capabilities. By the looks of this the Chinese have discovered out willingness to use a Carrier Battle Group in a littoral role as long as it is accompanied by an Iowa class battleship (though honestly I’ve heard stranger ideas come out of the Pentagon). There also seems to be an interesting mix of aircraft on that flattop.

Littoral Combat Carrier Battle Group

It also seems that the Chinese penetration of our secret military mad-science labs is far-reaching for they have apparently discovered our formerly closely held Freeze Ray capability.

Freeze Ray area effect weapon

They also seem to be privy to the latest in our Air Force air combat tactics and capabilities. No, those two F-22s aren’t about to have a mid-air collision. The fighter on the right is actually flying backwards. This revolutionary formation enabled by our amazing next-generation fighters (and possibly devised by John Boyd?) is known as Fully-Spherical Air Superiority or F-SAS. This is obviously necessary to prevent the destruction of the dirigible mounting the USAF’s formerly super-secret Freeze Ray.

F-SAS (Fully-Spherical Air Superiority) formation and Blimp deploying Freeze Ray area effect weapon.

All of these revelations seem to show Chinese knowledge about our capabilities, but what can we infer about improvements in Chinese tech? Honestly, I almost missed it the first time I looked, but sure enough, China is letting us know through this presentation that they have an ace-in-the-hole to deter any proposed U.S. invasion of the Chinese mainland. The Chinese military can now field the world’s first operational combat Mecha!

They cleverly tried to hide them behind those houses and trees, and tried to distract us with the SS-888 (Skyscraper) ballistic missile battery (last year’s news), but two, thirty to forty-foot tall, anthropoid Mecha are clearly visible. The one in the lower right-hand corner almost seamlessly blends into the woodland environment. The other, however, is oddly painted in a desert camouflage scheme. One might wonder if that also signals an increased Chinese military interest in the Middle East?

Chinese Combat Mecha revealed!

Special Hat-tips to Wired’s Danger Room “Weather Machines, Origami Drones, and Battlefield Dioramas: Inside China’s Big Air Show” and Aviation Week’s Ares Blog’s “The Future Chinese Battlefield”.


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  1. Anonymous

    It is gunboats up the Yangtse redux. The Chinese cling to their history.

    01/07/2012 at 6:54 AM

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