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(De)Motivational Poster: Lack of Motivation

Lack of Motivation: The reason why this poster isn't as funny as it could be.

My motivation is severly lacking today.


2 responses

  1. His arrogance will finally back fire on him. It’s about time they pull the plug on that noontime show. The host/show teaches ignorant Filipinos to become more lazier and hope that their life will turnaround overnight by LUCK. He gives false hope to our poor kayababans, rather than striving, earning their success, he teaches them to leave their faith, future for instant wealth by getting lucky on noontime game show, maybe true for .001% of our poor people but what about the rest?

    05/10/2017 at 11:26 PM

  2. Stay with this guys, you’re helping a lot of people.

    05/14/2017 at 7:16 PM

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