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(De)Motivational Poster: My Boss Thinks I’m Working Hard

This is kind of part 2 for last week’s (De)Motivational Poster (see left) where the boss has a chain-gang kind of mentality. I’m not that kind of boss, but I couldn’t help but imagine the response the guys working for me would have if I were, which is probably a lot like the poster above.

Photo credit goes to Enganacious. I was looking mainly for pictures of large bolt-cutters to play the part of Mr. Pinchy, but honestly, that smirk is what makes the poster come out so well. Thanks so much!


One response

  1. heeeyI think you're cute and I'm glad we have a "V" in common, thanks for being willing to buy me a camera strap so we could save a few bucks. I'm such a tiwt#gad&h8230;

    05/11/2017 at 12:01 AM

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