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Vino Veritas: Mollydooker “Two Left Feet” 2009

Mollydooker “Two Left Feet”

2009: South Australia

68% Shiraz, 18% Cabernet Sauvignon,

14% Merlot

Before the reviewing festivities commence we need to do some preparation. Why, you ask? Well, this is a Mollydooker wine and that means we get to have a little fun before we drink.

Let’s get to shaking!

The video will explain:

Fo those of you who didn’t watch the video; yes, you actually do need to shake up this wine before you drink it. You could also decant it, but that wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining. It really, really does taste completely different before and after the shake.

Yes, I tried it before I shook it up. I’m that kind of guy. Curiosity might be ultimately unpleasant for cats, but I’ve never heard a similar cliché about wine drinkers. Anyway, the flavors were dark, heavy and tight, with tarry, cocoa overtones and an edgy harshness. It wasn’t terrible at all, but then again it wasn’t really great either.

The better question is what is it like afterward. The answer is absolutely delicious. Bright flavors came out to balance the darker notes with nice roundness and chewy goodness. Acids and tannins achieved a harmony. The alcohol, though pretty high at 16% abv, didn’t overpower in its harshness. The finish was long and smooth, begging for food, any food, to accompany it. Personally speaking, the blend for this wine is right in the sweet-spot of my wine-drinking wheelhouse and Mollydooker just went yard like a left-handed all-star against a right-handed fastball pitcher who just got called up from the farm team. What I liked most about “Two Left Feet” was its balance and sheer drinkability. Mollydooker “Two Left Feet”  is the kind of wine that makes wine fun and interesting because it has a great story, great wine makers, and flat-out great bottles to enjoy.

2 responses

  1. Hey there-
    Thanks so much for this great review! So clever and entertaining…we’d like to quote you in the First Hand Comments on our website. Would that be okay with you? Keep up the great work!

    Krissy Miller
    Mollydooker Marketing Coordinator

    03/15/2011 at 1:24 PM

  2. Thanks for making great wine!

    Quote away.

    03/15/2011 at 1:37 PM

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