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Diversion and Distraction of the Educational Kind: John Hunter and the World Peace Game


Also, the trailer for the film made about this extraordinary teacher and the World Peace Game. 



An Editorial Digression:

Teachers like John Hunter are the reason why students get excited about going to school, because they know when to teach and when to get out of the way of the student’s learning. It is through this kind of interactive engagement that education becomes fun and ultimately applicable to the real world, exactly what the educational system is supposed to be about. When this kind of engagement is absent, and teaching is about shoving information at a student and hoping enough of it sticks long enough to pass the standardized test, school becomes just another chore to be endured and does very little to prepare a student for life’s challenges.

Another inspiring story along the same lines is a book I recently finished called The New Cool by Neal Bascomb (my review is forthcoming  my review is here)  about a just as inspiring STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) focused high-school teacher, and his student’s efforts in the FIRST robotics competition.

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