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On the Bookshelf: Citadel by John Ringo


Troy Rising: Book 2

by John Ringo

Sometimes you just need some hard-core science fiction. Nothing quite scratches that action itch like plucky space marines killing lizard-like or squid-like aliens in droves.

As is pretty typical for humanity in science fiction stories, we Earthlings were discovered by aliens that treated us very badly. Our capitols were bombed from orbit. A vicious virus was released among the population. Humanity eventually fought back, harnessing the power of our sun to throw off the yoke of our overlord race, the Horvath. But that didn’t happen in this book, it happened in the previous novel in the series, Live Free or Die, which I highly recommend reading.

This novel is Citadel, the second novel of the series. The eponymous citadel is the Troy, a space station guarding the hypergate entrance to the Earth system. The Troy is an asteroid that was melted and then expanded like a giant metal balloon to become an orbital fortress with nickel/iron walls a kilometer and a half thick and the capability of simultaneously launching more missiles than an invasion fleet can carry, as well as holding a small fleet inside its walls and being the targeting focus for the solar mining system that measures its power in the hundreds of petawatts (that’s 10 with 15 zeros behind it).

Can you say Death Star?

 As fearsome as it appears the Troy is the first, and only, line of defense for the Earth, and the enemy is at the gates. That enemy is the Rangora and they are poised to launch an invasion of the Glatun, the only alien race that has been friendly to the Earth. The Glatun are an old and very advanced race that historically has helped the races around them, including the Horvath and Rangora, rise and prosper so that they may become better trading partners. Now their civilization is on the decline and though they have a capable navy, the Rangora have the most powerful military in the region, and securing the Earth system will undoubtedly be part of their attack plan. The partially completed Troy and its new sibling station the Thermopylae must stand against fleets of the most powerful warships ever created, Rangora Assault Vectors.

As I’ve said before, science fiction like this is pure brain candy. Too much of it will rot your mind but it sure does taste good. Just call John Ringo the candy man (if admittedly a dark and kind of twisted sort of candy man). Hopefully, Citadel will tide me over until the next installment of the Troy Rising series, The Hot Gates.