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On the Bookshelf: Search by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens


A Novel of Forbidden History

by Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens


Many people, without even being aware of it, have been exposed to the work of Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, especially if they are fans of the Star Trek universe and its franchises of television and print offerings. Many of the Star Trek novels with the name of a classic Star Trek actor on the cover have a lot of the Reeves-Stevens’ words on the inside making them look good.

I myself have never read any of the Star Trek novels, but I did read two of the other Reeves-Stevens stand-alone novels, Icefirea Chinese-engineered, nuclear fueled tsunami, disaster story, and Quicksilver, where a female naval cadet and an brilliant but unconventional scientist defend the Pentagon, and the world, from a hijacked orbital superweapon. Both of these books are jam-packed with action, derring-do and great storytelling. Both are great summer-time reads and both can, and should, eventually end up as blockbuster motion pictures.

Search: A Novel of Forbidden History, also fits smoothly into the action-movie-in-the-making genre, fueled by a millenium spanning conspiracy, an eccentric multi-billionaire intent to prove that aliens exist, hidden history, and a 26-year-old scientist for a protagonist who must discover why his genes aren’t human because everyone else he has found with his genetic anomaly has died by the age of 27. Throw in some espionage, a ruthless killer, and exotic locations from tropical paradises to castles to glaciers, and you have a heck of a good read.

I love roller coasters, and Search is the literary equivalent of a really good roller coaster with plenty of loops, twists and whirls. Like Quicksilver and Icefire, Search is a perfect book when all you want to do is take a vacation from reality, and vicariously live on the knife-edge plot of a thrilling action adventure.


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